• Cloud Solutions to Keep Pace With Leading SaaS Developers.

    From VC-backed startups to established Silicon Valley stars, it seems that cutting-edge developers are rolling out multi-tenant, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) applications daily.

    But unless the companies are truly interested in building and maintaining their own off-site data center and operations staff, they have to find a third-party cloud hosting provider they trust to provide the computing infrastructure necessary. Which is, let’s face it, harder than it sounds.

    Cloud vendors tend to fall into predictable segments. Some have great development tools, but don’t provide rigorous production support. Others don’t have the architectural strength to handle a complex, large-scale SaaS application infrastructure. Still others don’t have the expertise to ensure SaaS applications stay running despite the inevitable system failures, ongoing security threats and disaster
    scenarios. And others simply aren’t flexible enough to support the latest DevOps best practices.

    Hostway|HOSTING is different. Keep reading to learn how.

    We partner with both SaaS vendors and traditional independent software vendors interested in deploying multi-tenant architectures. Unlike Platform-as-a-Service providers who lock their customers into proprietary development environments, Hostway|HOSTING SaaS customers can use any development tools as they want – as long as the resulting executables run on Windows or Linux.

    To support complex architectures, Hostway|HOSTING offers SaaS developers unique solutions, including hybrid architectures that combine the best of public cloud computing for cost-effective scalability, private cloud for security, and dedicated servers and colocation for special needs (including database clusters).

    To keep business-critical applications up and running, Hostway|HOSTING offers SaaS providers an array or high availability and recovery services that ensure customers won’t be impacted by individual component failures, or even by complete data center outages.

    Hostway|HOSTING’s ITIL-certified operations staff work closely with SaaS providers to develop customized support procedures tailored for their unique architectures and business requirements.

    Contact Us today to learn more about how Hostway|HOSTING supports the SaaS market.

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