Assessing SQL Server

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The SQL Server is at the core of the modern data-driven enterprise IT system storing, processing and securing data. Rapid transaction processing and controlled access capabilities present the database engine as a critical element of demanding data applications within your enterprise. Yet, organizations are not entirely sure if Microsoft SQL Server is effectively helping achieve their goals and addressing key challenges impacting successful returns on data investments. Ntirety, a HOSTING division comprised of industry leaders in database technologies performed a detailed assessment and research of these challenges and provide recommendations to ensure successful deployment of SQL Server databases.

Ntirety found the following results from the extensive SQL Server database reviews across multiple organizations and found that:

  • 90% of instances failed the disaster recovery review
  • 88% of instances failed the SQL Server configuration review
  • 88% of instances failed the database maintenance review
  • 40% of instances failed the security review
  • 39% of instances failed the database backup review

Assessing SQL Server

In this white paper, Ntirety outlines specific failures and shortcomings across the analyzed SQL environments along with recommendations based on a technical and strategic perspective pertaining to the following areas of concerns:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Server Configuration
  • Security
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database Backup
  • Other Issues and concerns

The challenges and solutions are both applicable to a diverse range of organizations from all verticals and size groups. While tailored services are highly recommended for every organization to improve on SQL Server efficiencies and effectiveness, this white paper provides a starting point for improving data processing, storing, security and utilization capabilities.


A one-on-one professional service engagement is nevertheless important to reach peak performance, security and profitability with SQL Server investments. Ntirety offers risk identification and mitigation services using a combination of commercial tools and Ntirety custom scripts, along with well-trained industry experts to perform an impartial assessment and analysis of any risks or opportunities to optimize your databases, present any necessary remediation, and assist with implementing recommendations. These assessments include:

  • Core Database Assessment
  • Database Performance Assessment
  • Database and Application Assessment
  • Database Consolidation/Virtualization Assessment
  • Database Version Upgrade Assessment
  • Database Security Assessment

Download this white paper “Ntirety Insights: Assessing SQL Server” for an in-depth and insightful review, assessment and recommendations that will transform your SQL Server systems into the profit centers your organization needs to excel in the challenging business landscape.

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