• 9-6-18 Phone System Availability

    The issue cleared at 7:20PM EST and has been stable since. All calls are coming in from our reports and testing is working. If you have any issues with calling please open a support ticket and inform us. We will continue to monitor.

  • 9-6-18 Phone System Availability

    We are currently experiencing issues with our Phone system. Calling Support at this time may give errors or be unavailable. We have our engineers looking into this now. Please create tickets via your portal at this time. More updates to follow

  • Azure Issue:  Warning Multiple Services - South Central

    Customers in South Central US may experience difficulties connecting to resources hosted in this region.

    For More information visit

  • Resolved **Phone Issue 8/30/2018**

    Toll-free numbers are working again.

  • Phone Issue 8/30/2018

    Currently our toll-free numbers are down. You can reach us using our local numbers or our Chat system.

  • DDOS in Dallas 8/29 - Resolved

    Today we experienced a large DDOS in our Dallas Datacenter. This was auto-mitigated within 2 minutes. During our Dallas customers may have noticed latency. Everything should be resolved now if you have any continuing issues please contact the support team.

  • Brief Zayo Outage Multiple Centers 8-14-2018

    Hosting has become aware of a brief service outage traversing the Zayo network. Affected customers may have experienced brief package loss due a fiber cut between Ashburn, VA and Newark DE. Expected outage time 40 seconds.

  • NTirety NEP Services Degraded 8-03-18

    NEP Services are currently degraded. If your database application experiences any issues, please contact support. We will update once fully operational.

  • Science Logic Monitoring Down - 7-20-18

    The Internal Monitoring issue has been resolved and devices are being Monitored as expected. We will continue to track this. This will be the last update unless we see further issues. Thank you for your patience.

  • Science Logic Monitoring Down - 7-20-18

    At this time we our Internal monitoring system is down. We have our team actively working on this. If you have any server issues that we have not notifed you on please reach out to you support team. More updates to follow. Thank you.