Talking Smack! How Customer Experience Affects the Bottom Line

Why is customer experience important? What does the experience economy mean for my business? How do I differentiate my company in this new competitive frontier? How does this all affect the bottom line?

We all know that consumer behaviors are rapidly changing and expectations are through the roof.  Commoditized products, democratized information, and empowered consumers have forever changed the way we look at business. Most organizations are data rich, but insight poor.  What’s even worse is most of us only get glimpses into what our customers truly experience… slivers at best.

In this webinar, HOSTING Chief Customer Officer, Brian Raboin, and Oracle Vice President of Customer Experience Product Marketing , Christine Viera, will cover:

  • Why customer service is increasingly more important
  • How customer experience ties directly to ROI
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • The steps to move your organization towards a customer experience culture
  • Company case studies and examples including Amazon, Yelp, Oracle, and HOSTING