Target Website Outage Highlights Importance of Performance Monitoring

  1. target-website-outage-highlights-importance-of-performance-monitoring

Target proved once again to be the leader in the cheap-chic retail space by unleashing its latest collection from Lily Pulitzer on Sunday. But when it came to monitoring the performance of its e-commerce site, the retail giant missed the target (forgive the pun). A website outage prevented many loyal “Tar-zhay” customers from securing the highly coveted Palm Beach label’s clothing and accessories at a fraction of the regular price. Target took its website off line for about 20 minutes early (and we mean early) Sunday morning as intrepid shoppers scanned through Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits, shift dresses and jumpsuits before stores opened at 8 a.m. The company also delayed the online launch by two hours. While the outage effectively destroyed some customers’ dreams of owning a piece of the luxury line, it also highlights the importance of having an availability and capacity monitoring solution that addresses performance issues early.

Launching the Lily Pulitzer collection wasn’t Target’s first foray into bringing luxury goods to the affluent and thrifty. Nor was this its first monitoring misstep and website outage. When the company introduced its Missoni collection in 2011, their website crashed and couldn’t be restored for several hours. And while Target is spinning the latest outage as the result of overwhelming demand, it still leaves customers – particularly those who were impacted by the company’s massive 2014 security breach – wondering what else could impact the performance of their website.

Application performance monitoring is essential to uptime

Monitoring services are crucial to businesses that simply can’t afford to have any downtime. Which is why HOSTING Availability and Capacity Monitoring™ solutions deliver a comprehensive, unified view of systems to monitor resource availability and capacity usage. This helps reduce downtime risk while helping to ensure a positive customer experience – even if that Lily Pulitzer jumpsuit does sell out.

Organizations also rely on HOSTING monitoring services to gain useful insights into performance history, empowering them to make informed, data-driven decisions. Want to try us out? For a limited time, HOSTING is offering new customers 60 days of free capacity monitoring to new customers, featuring:

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  • Server performance at-a-glance visibility
  • Useful disk and memory utilization metrics and graphs
  • Immediate notification and escalation to HOSTING support on any capacity alarm

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You may have missed out on Lily Pulitzer, however, high availability and performance are still within your reach. Contact the HOSTING team today to take advantage of this special offer.

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