Microsoft License Mobility Terms and Conditions


Any Customer using License Mobility through Software Assurance to utilize their own Microsoft licenses (the “MS Licenses”) in HOSTING’s datacenters agree to follow the additional terms and conditions outlined below:

1. In order to exercise License Mobility through Software Assurance rights, Customer must submit the License Mobility Verification Form located at or at a successor site. Customer agrees to submit the form to Microsoft within ten (10) days of deployment, whenever renewing Customer’s Microsoft volume license agreement, and whenever renewing Customer’s Software Assurance with Microsoft. It is expected that Microsoft will provide HOSTING with confirmation of Customer’s verification status each time it is submitted.

2. Additional information about License Mobility with Software Assurance can be found here:

3. HOSTING cooperates in good faith with Microsoft to investigate and remedy any potential non-compliance. Upon request from Microsoft, HOSTING will provide information pertaining to Customer’s environment, including but not limited to:

  • The number of cloud or dedicated instances provided to Customer by HOSTING;
  • A list of Microsoft products run on such cloud or dedicated instances;
  • Copies of Customer’s License Mobility Verification Form.

4.  In the event that Microsoft finds Customer is noncompliant with any MS License, HOSTING will be required to terminate hosting of Customer’s noncompliant license(s) within 30 days if no action on Customer’s part is taken to remove them or replace such noncompliance MS License(s) with valid licenses from HOSTING or Microsoft.

5. Customer’s licenses under License Mobility through Software Assurance must remain on HOSTING’s cloud servers within a single datacenter for no less than ninety (90) days. Customer may move licenses from a cloud server within a single datacenter to a cloud server in another data center, but not within 90 days after the last assignment.