Thanksgiving Gratitude

  1. Thanksgiving 2014

The advent and evolution of technology has provided us with a global view of the world 24 x 7 x 365. And because of that, we’re more in tune with the struggles that our neighbors face including political and economic strife, the onset of disease and so forth. Society often asks whether we shall hand down a world that is better for our children as a result of our actions.  I firmly believe we will.

We are living in an unbelievable age of change that will deliver incredible quality of life for our children. Eighty-six percent of the US is connected to the internet. Nearly three billion people around the world are connected online and have access to information like no other generation before us. Seventy percent of Africans will have access to the Internet via smartphones this year, up from almost zero in the year 2000. More than $272,000 is spent per minute in online shopping, and you can receive your goods in two days for free.

The volume of all health care research is expanding at an equally rapid rate. The amount of randomized controlled trials (tests for new drugs) is doubling each year. At this current pace, it is anticipated that by the year 2018 we shall have conducted 50,000 trials in a single year. The healthcare technology sector is delivering digestible sensors, 3D printed biological materials, and wearable technology devices that can give you the data stream of a tricorder from the popular 60’s television show Star Trek.

The pace of technology change is quickening. At the heart of that phenomenon is the fact that it is simply cheaper and easier to start a business – and more people are doing just that.   Mark Andreesen famously explained that in the decade between 2000 and 2010, the cost of running an internet application has dropped by 100-fold!  And Peter Diamandis believes that thanks to crowd-funding, crowd content creation, open source technologies and cloud computing, the cost to launch a new technology startup is now less than $5,000!

We should be thankful that working in the IT industry, we have played a significant role in making this happen. We are living in a time where our work on these technologies are creating abundance for our world.  The cloud is a technology for managing applications efficiently today, but there will be equally exciting changes – evolutionary and revolutionary in the years to come – that our children will be able to take advantage of to make a better life. I’m thankful for being in this industry at this moment in time, working with people that I truly respect for making these changes possible.

Art Zeile – CEO

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