The DBA Shortage (and What to Do About It)

In many parts of the world, access to the cloud and high-speed bandwidth is readily available. This combination is leading to an explosion of data as people use multiple devices to access the power of the cloud including smart phones, tablets, watches and televisions – just to name a few. No longer is data housed exclusively on a SQL Server or Oracle database; it’s now living in the “dataverse.” And for many companies who are struggling with vast amounts of data and a dearth of database administrators (DBAs), one of the most pressing questions is: Who is running the dataverse?

Cloud computing and the evolving role of DBAs

According to a recent career survey, approximately 70% of the DBAs are over 45 years old, and 20% of those surveyed, are within 10 years of retirement (The Vanishing Database Administrator: Survey of Data Professionals’ Career Aspirations). Unlike some traditional technologies which end their usefulness as technologists leave the workforce, databases are continuing to explode as a direct result of all the new data being generated through cloud computing. This is creating additional demand for database management DBAs with specialized skills in cloud computing, SQL Server, virtualization and so forth, which is outstripping the current pool of available talent.

The Emerging Role of Cloud Computing in Database Management

DBAs that want to remain relevant in the cloud-fueled world will have to manage the dataverse which includes data, big data, data stored in databases and unstructured data. They will be charged to collect, analyze and act upon data in any form in which it exists. Over time, the role of the DBA will evolve into one that is similar to a data scientist or data expert who is also responsible for database management.

For years, industry consensus was that technology itself would replace the role of a DBA. However, the explosion of applications and data has created an unprecedented demand for DBA talent. Faced with increased demands for DBAs, more companies will engage with cloud service providers for the specialized database management expertise they need.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

The demand for cloud-based solutions and DBA expertise has led to the emergence of “hyper-converged infrastructure.” A hyper-converged infrastructure is a tightly integrated network, computing, storage and virtualization hypervisor housed in one device. These systems offer streamlined administration since they no longer need to be independently managed on each level of the stack.  They are also built with high availability. Combined with a high performance virtualization platform, it offers a powerful, cloud-ready solution.

The DBA shortage will drive more companies to database management services. Download an article from Michael Corey, President of Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, and Don Sullivan of VMware, where they share their insights regarding the DBA shortage, As Clouds Roll in, Expectations for Performance and Availability Billow. You can download your free copy here.

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