The High Cost of New Hires – How to Maximize Your IT Resources

The IT skills gap is real, with IT leaders scrambling to recruit, hire, train and keep qualified talent. IT talent that is fluent in database administration (DBA) services are an especially hot commodity. It’s no secret that demand is rising sharply while supply is tightening. According to a recent article by US News and World Report, DBAs rank #5 as the best IT job and occupy the #12 spot in best overall professional jobs. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 15.1 percent employment growth for DBAs by 2022. HOSTING lists three ways resource-constrained companies can close the database services skills gap.

The cost of hiring – and keeping – database services experts

With DBAs in high demand, employers are trying to find ways in which to retain their top talent. Turnover is high and is costly for companies. Recent research shows that hiring and training a new employee can cost between thirty and fifty percent of their salary. With the median DBA salary at nearly $80,000, it behooves organizations to retain their DBA talent and maximize their in-house resources. The infographic below lists the costs of hiring and keeping database services experts.

Closing the DBA skills gap

Savvy organizations realize that they can’t be caught flat-footed by DBA turnover. Here are a few ways they are staying ahead of the talent curve

1) Train internal IT generalists to become DBA specialists

Healthcare has been hit hard by the dearth of available IT talent. The explosion of protected health information (PHI) resulting from mandated electronic health records (EHRs), has left healthcare CIOs struggling to find data analysts. Their solution? Develop additional IT workers internally. However, turning general IT managers into specialized DBAs takes time and resources – which many healthcare organizations lack.

2) Hire outside consultants

For many organizations, the barrier to accessing specialized DBA expertise is often a cost consideration. And while consultants can offer a company the exact skills, they often come with prohibitive price tags.

3) Engage with DBAs On-demand

Faced with time and resource constraints, many organizations are turning to companies such as HOSTING to provide DBAs “on-demand” with the specialized skills they need. Rather than spend unnecessary time and money hiring a full-time DBA, IT departments can engage with a HOSTING DBA who serves as a seamless extension of their existing team.

HOSTING DBAs average 15 years of experience and specialize in a wide range of database services including:

  • Database administration
  • Database monitoring and alerting
  • Database performance tuning
  • Emergency (down database) support
  • Managed advanced database technologies (e.g., clustering, replication, cloning, log shipping, etc.)

Looking to maximize your IT resources while staying ahead of the IT skills gap? Contact HOSTING anytime to learn more about our DBA On-demand Services. And listen to our on-demand webinar, DBA to Z: The 21st Century Solution to Database Administration


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