Who Says you’re HIPAA Compliant in the Cloud?

As new HIPAA rules and regulations come into effect in the last half of 2013, you may be wondering if you, and your cloud service provider, are really ready. At HOSTING, we take a pulse on everything affecting our industry – thanks to a skilled team of experts and beloved customers – and in this post arm you with the right information to demystify the outrageous claims of “HIPAA in a box”. The sad truth is, no service provider can, alone, make you HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA compliance is all about managing risk. So ask yourself, “Who is involved in managing my risk?” 

HIPAA Hosting Cloud ComputingFirst, what does all of this mean? Well, since HOSTING is an expert on cloud computing, we defer to the true experts on HIPAA, and share the American Medical Association’s concise analysis of the situation below:

“…In general, the new [HIPAA] rules expand the obligations of physicians and other health care providers to protect patients’ protected health information (PHI), extend these obligations to a host of other individuals and companies who, as “business associates,” have access to PHI, and increase the penalties for violations of any of these obligations…”

You can read the entire article on the American Medical Association website, or, if a more hands on approach is something you need, register for HOSTING’s webinar on November 20th, and listen to industry experts discuss how you can be HIPAA-compliant in the cloud. Highlights will include:

  • How the new HIPAA rules and regulations translate to your technical environment
  • Myths around HIPAA audits and certifications
  • What your cloud service provider is responsible for
  • What to look for in a cloud service provider when it comes to HIPAA compliance

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