Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Cloud Desktops

Since the dawning of mankind, businesses of all sizes have struggled with the expense, inflexibility and annoyance of desktop computers. Every time a staff member comes aboard, departs, spills a cup of coffee, loses a laptop or downloads a virus, an organization has to hustle to desktop

The good news? Those days are done. We’re no longer held hostage by monolithic dinosaurs lurking in our cubicles. In fact, the advent of cloud computing and cloud desktops (also known as virtualized desktop infrastructure or VDI) has changed the playing field – forever.

Want to find out more before determining if VDI is right for your organization? Please keep reading to discover the top five reasons to leverage cloud desktops:

  1. Reduction in IT Spend – Between the software licenses, IT staffing requirements and basic power consumption, traditional desktop environments can represent a huge chunk of your yearly operating costs. Cloud desktops offer a simple cost structure per month and per seat, making it easy for you to budget and plan for IT expenses – and for your bosses to marvel at your wisdom.
  2. Security, Security, Security – As anyone who has ever struggled to maintain a secure environment or – worse yet – a HIPAA compliant environment can attest: security is no laughing matter. Every day, employees download file sharing platforms, open weird attachments from emails and leave their laptops in bars. With cloud desktops, all of your files and data are protected from this malfeasance because they don’t live on your employees’ hard drives; they live in the cloud. And, if you’re with a leading cloud service provider like HOSTING, that data is also protected with firewalls, automatic backups and disaster recovery applications.
  3. Green Advantages – In today’s competitive environment, every bit counts. With a cloud desktop environment, your organization will not only be able to cut back on its energy costs (a VDI session has a significantly lower heat output – and thus significantly lessened need for fan usage – than a traditional desktop computer) but also use its new “green consciousness” to attract new sales AND save the planet at the same time. A true win-win-win if ever there was one.
  4. Maintenance Made Easy – Companies with traditional desktop computers often make the mistake of waiting until a problem pops up to perform maintenance. With virtualized desktops, the desktops can be – and typically are – reset at the end of each day, which makes everything run more smoothly, more quickly and much more safely than the alternative.
  5. Improved Employee Work Life – There is nothing that demotivates a staff more than slow, broken and out-of-date computer systems. With VDI, any user having difficulty with the hardware at their workstation can simply switch to another workstation and pick up right where they left off. All of their data and applications will be available across the board. No more employees tearing their hair out because of poor technology!

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