Top Benefits of ITIL

As the most popular approach to service management in the world, ITIL – or the “IT Infrastructure Library” – is the gold standard by which both HOSTING and the IT industry on a whole oversees its offerings. The ITIL framework stresses a focus on service rather than process, which helps our teams deliver value to internal or external stakeholders without losing valuable time and resources to cost and risk ownership. ITIL Framework

Sounds good, right? But let’s break it down a little further. Following are the top benefits of ITIL from the HOSTING POV – and the reason why we have more than 100 ITIL-certified employees on staff:

Common Terminology. One of the most frustrating experiences for any organization is finding that it speaks in a different language than its customers, prospects or vendors. ITIL verbiage makes sure everyone is on the same page – which cuts down on the inconvenience and risk of misunderstandings.

ITIL is focused on the business – not just IT. As awesome as IT is, it’s not the only game in town. ITIL is focused on integrating with the business, not just aligning IT with the business which means different organization leaders can implement as much or as little of it as makes sense for their needs.

ITIL boils down service to a five-step lifecycle approach. By standardizing and clarifying the service process, ITIL has created a framework that can be just as effectively rolled out to existing staff as it is to new hires. It is a radically simplified approach that is built to scale with the organization and cut down on process silos and breakdowns.

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities. One of the key challenges to any company is keeping roles and responsibilities defined and communicated. ITIL addresses this issue by creating key roles and clearly mandating what is expected in terms of responsibilities, timeframes and ownership.

Continuous improvement baked in. From my opinion, one of the best parts of ITIL is definitely the final portion of the lifecycle: ongoing service optimization based on quantifiable results and qualitative feedback from the customers or users of the service.

At HOSTING, we’ve found that the ITIL framework has improved our availability, efficiency and productivity – and, apparently, that’s what other organizations report as well.

Interested in learning more about this innovative and structured approach to IT service management? Please join me for The Benefits of ITIL webinar tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST when we’ll discuss how to apply the benefits of ITIL to help your business grow.


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