Top Five Cloud Stories for 2014

  1. Top Cloud Stories 2014

So what cloud stories featured on our cloud computing blog did readers pay the most attention to in 2014? Cloud security, compliant hosting, choosing the top cloud hosting provider and BYOD all topped the list as the most intriguing subjects. Let’s take a closer look:

Cloud Security

2014 ushered in an unprecedented wave of cyber threats and data breaches, starting with the data breach of retail giant Target at the end of 2013. Leveraging the credentials of the company’s HVAC vendor, hackers accessed the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of 70,000,000 customers as well as data for 40,000,000 credit cards and debit cards. The massive data breach ultimately led to the resignation of Target’s CIO and CEO. Current estimates on financial damages are estimated to reach $1 billion.

Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and the United States Postal Service soon followed in Target’s footsteps, leading some technology pundits to coin 2014 as “the Year of the Hack.” With cloud security a dominant theme in IT circles, the following blog posts were among our most popular:

Safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) in the Cloud

Over the past year, a growing number of healthcare organizations started to use cloud services to host mission-critical data and applications. According to the 2014 HIMSS Cloud Analytics Survey, 82% of healthcare organizations are adopting some form of cloud solution. Safeguarding protected health information (PHI) in the cloud continues to be a top concern of healthcare organizations. As a leading compliant cloud hosting provider, HOSTING published a plethora of blog posts on PHI and HIPAA compliance. Following are a few of the most read:

E-commerce and the Cloud

Cloud-based e-commerce applications continued to gain ground in 2014 as more IT leaders recognized their ability to potentially lower costs while responding quickly to market opportunities. Not surprisingly our most popular blog posts listed the key impacts to take into account when considering these solutions and how to prepare your e-commerce site for the holiday shopping season:

Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider

As cloud computing continues to mature, more organizations are turning to the cloud in order to reduce their IT investments while optimizing their operations. According to technology research firm IDC, public cloud services spending reached $56.6 billion in 2014. By 2018, public cloud spending could more than double to $127 billion.

With 3,000+ cloud service providers in the market, it’s no wonder that our readers turned to HOSTING for guidance on how to select the right one for their individual needs. We responded with clear, easy to understand information including the following blog posts:

The Cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

Thanks to bootstrap startups and the increasingly mobile workforce, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) permeated workplaces at an astounding rate. Security is a chief concern for organizations that are reticent about implementing BYOD or BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC). Fortunately, the HOSTING Cloud Desktop Solution™ allows remote employees to securely access corporate data from a secure cloud environment using whatever device they choose – PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Our blog post on cloud desktops and BYOPC caught our readers’ attention:

Did we miss one of your favorite stories? Share it with us in the comments box below!

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