Top Cloud Security Blogs of 2015

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We put together a list of the top HOSTING cloud security blogs from last year. The blogs aren’t listed in any particular order and tackle security news, trends and compliance issues.

    1. Companies Eye Part-time CISOs as Cyber Security Threats Increase
      The search for CISOs has become a seller’s market due to high demand and a shortage of talent. Companies that lack the bandwidth – and the bank accounts – to hire a full-time CISO are turning to HOSTING for part-time CISO expertise.
    2. Lack of Resources Hamper Healthcare Organizations’ Cyber Security Efforts
      In a research conducted by the Ponemon Institute, cyber security professionals cite a lack of resources as the main reason they aren’t fully prepared to defend their organizations against cyberattacks. HOSTING shares why they need to step up their security stance.
    3. Financial Institutions Face Challenges with Cyber Security
      For many financial institutions, the massive data breach experienced by JPMorgan Chase served as a wake up call to reevaluate their cyber security postures.
    4. Five Cloud Security Mistakes that Impact Your Budget
      With the recent headline-grabbing security breaches experienced by Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase, you would think that organizations’ boards of directors be actively involved in setting cloud security policies. Think again.
    5. HIMSS 2015 Cybersecurity Survey [INFOGRAPHIC]
      The 2015 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey provide a barometer into the awareness and readiness that healthcare organizations have in responding to the surge of data breaches, security incidents and cyberattacks. HOSTING summarizes the survey results.

Led by our own Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the HOSTING team of certified information security experts helps organizations assess their security postures and develop custom security plans to defend against cyber threats and attacks. Contact us anytime to schedule a cloud security evaluation.

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