When Your Workstations Can’t Handle the Data Deluge, it’s Time For the Unified Cloud

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Data is at the core of the modern enterprise. Data not only drives decision-making, but is also tied directly to innovative products and service offerings. Organizations using data as a core component of their products face an ongoing need to process unprecedented volumes of vast digital information that continues to explode in variety, speed of generation, complexity and quantity in response to expanding customer base and product features.

At the same time, these organizations also need to scale their IT infrastructure, invest huge capital in establishing enterprise-grade data centers, employ technical experts in-house, maintain regulatory compliance, manage security and risks, and well, the list goes on…

The Case of B+T Group Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the process of creating land surveys and maps using photographs. As simple and artistic as it sounds, the idea of digital photogrammetry pushes data processing requirements to all new heights. And that’s exactly what B+T Group has to offer with its Site360 software. The solution takes digital images of the land using camera-equipped drones and uploads the images to a proprietary software that processes the data into 3D digital models, maps and other forms of survey images.

The camera quality and the ability to capture large numbers of images using drones allowed the company to feed the photogrammetry solution with all the data it needs. However, the limited computing power of B+T Group workstations in-house lead to costly delays in creating the required digital models with acceptable quality.

The company wasn’t (and shouldn’t be) willing to break the bank to establish a large-scale infrastructure to meet the varying data processing requirements of the photogrammetry solution, and so it turned to HOSTING for a cost-effective yet high-tech, secure and reliable unified cloud solution.

The HOSTING Unified Cloud Solution

HOSTING not only offered the flexible and scalable cloud resources to meet varying IT resource on an affordable subscription basis, but created a tailored cloud solution comprising of the best-in-class Azure and HOSTING infrastructure. The result was a unified cloud solution that allowed B+T group to scale data processing servers as required. The company could not only transfer the growing data deluge to the HOSTING unified cloud system, but also use it to designate workflow parameters and process data on a private cloud.

As a test, HOSTING challenged the company to “break” its infrastructure by pushing as much data as it could, but hardly experienced any interruption. As it turns out, “Everything is going well. It’s a well-oiled machine” – B+T Group Product Lead, Jay Perkins describing the HOSTING solution.

For more information, read the case study here.

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