Utilizing a Private or Public Cloud for HIPAA Compliance

With a bevy of cloud hosting providers all offering some form of HIPAA compliant cloud solutions, it can be challenging for a healthcare organization to know which choice is best to secure protected health information (PHI) while achieving compliance with the security regulations of HIPAA.

To make the choice simpler, we have put together the HOSTING Guide to HIPAA Compliant Solutions in the Cloud. It provides detailed information on how healthcare organizations can leverage a HOSTING Private Cloud™ to help achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. The security features embedded within our private cloud directly align with HIPAA security requirements, and our data centers are qualified by PCI and SOC 2 certifications to further maximize a healthcare organization’s return on investment in the cloud. Below are some key features contained in our private cloud .

• Single-Tenant Environment – Each virtual machine within our private cloud has its own operating system and set of applications customized to meet HIPAA compliance demands thereby isolating PHI behind a dedicated firewall for maximum security.

• HOSTING Cloud Replication™ – Our cloud replication allows customers to automatically replicate their HOSTING Private Cloud™ server(s) to any other HOSTING Private Cloud™ or to any HOSTING Public Cloud™. This ensures PHI is always available should an underlying hardware failure occur without impacting the production site, limiting project downtime.

• Scalability – A private cloud allows organizations to create a highly scalable environment using customized applications so their private cloud platforms can grow as their business grows. Companies can add as much memory, storage or CPU as they need at any time.

The HOSTING Private Cloud™ solution for HIPAA compliance gives healthcare organizations the peace of mind in knowing that PHI is completely secure and isolated from other data sources, thereby minimizing the risk of a security breach. However, a private cloud solution is just one option for organizations interested in HIPAA compliant solutions. A public cloud solution also offers a secure, compliant environment for PHI. It is an excellent choice for organizations interested in the cost efficiencies that are available from sharing resources in multiple environments. In particular, a public cloud is a viable solution for a “one-off” or smaller internal project that does not require a dedicated environment.

Simply put, either cloud solution can fit the bill for securing PHI for HIPAA compliance – as long as you partner with an experienced cloud service provider such as HOSTING who employs the best people and processes available in the market today to ensure that your organization achieves and maintains compliance.

To learn more about how to fully utilize a HOSTING cloud for HIPAA compliance, download theHOSTING Guide to HIPAA Compliant Solutions in the Cloud or watch the below video, Assessing Your Hosting Environment for HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA Compliance Guide


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