Validating Market Demand at Industry Events

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I’ve had the opportunity to attend many events during my years at HOSTING.  While I can quickly spot those folks that are attending for the free beverages, it’s more fascinating to talk to individuals that may be outside my wheelhouse.  At HOSTING, we call them “market team members”.  While they may want to sell to HOSTING, it’s more interesting to pivot the conversation into identifying what their market problems are, so I can better understand our potential customer base. As I happen to be the guy in charge of the future of our technology roadmap at HOSTING, I attend events like the Web Hosting Industry Review event last Thursday in Denver to do just that.

What I am hearing loud and clear at proceedings such as this is that there is a large demand for visibility in to security events within their Cloud environments.  It’s amazing how the problem statements of the IT leader within these organizations has evolved.  Two years ago most of my Cloud discussions revolved around trusting that there was data integrity and security built into the architecture.  Now my conversations — and events like these — show customers’ understanding that security, such as PCI-certified public clouds, not only exist, but that their capabilities are growing.  The new market team problem in this realm revolves around how to aggregate the security event data and make intelligent decisions about where to prioritize focus, response, and ultimately remediation.

One of the strongest players in this space happens to be one of our partners, Alertlogic.  I spent some time with Alertlogic at the WHIR event, and very clearly they are seeing the same market problems, answered by way of their Threat and Log Management solutions.  Like others, they are focusing on enhancing their services so that their partners can take advantage of providing this additional visibility to customers.  My advice to those of you who attend an event that might be full of your competition and partners is to use it as a time to validate the problems that keep them up at night.  It’s part of how you plan your strategy.



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