Webinar: The Dangers of DIY Hosting


Once upon a time there was a software vendor who made a great product and had happy customers.  Then one day, their happy customers demanded to move their deployed software offsite.  So, the vendor set up their own customer data center, and everyone was happy, until one day…

To hear the fable of DIY Hoster, join HOSTING Chief Customer Officer, Brian Raboin, for a live webinar: The Dangers of DIY Hosting on Thursday, August 22, 12:00 – 1:00 P.M. ET. You will learn:

Topics Covered:

  • The options available to software vendors on their path to the cloud – from DIY to self-service IaaS to fully-managed deployments
  • How customers’ rapid adoption of the cloud has altered the software industry
  • How companies can avoid DIY Hosting


Brian Raboin, Chief Customer Officer, HOSTING