Webinar: Don’t Fly Blind in Your Cloud — Introducing 360° Report™


How do you monitor and assess performance in the cloud? Do you need more visibility and control over your managed cloud environments? Most cloud service providers offer customers little insight into the performance of their offerings beyond an annual audit or low-level data dumps. But businesses need real-time insight that is immediately actionable and details how well a cloud service is meeting their security and compliance requirements.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how HOSTING 360° Report™ delivers a level of visibility to cloud performance that has historically been unavailable to cloud customers. Aggregating key performance and operational data in a concise and usable format provides full visibility into the availability, performance, recovery, security and capacity (AppRisk™) of HOSTING’s cloud services.

Topics covered:

  • Actionable data both IT and the business can use
  • Visibility into status, success, and risk in your cloud
  • At-a-glance health check of operations
  • Performance comparison to peer group
  • Ability to tailor reports based on areas you define as critical to your business