Webinar: Finding Your Virtualization Sweet Spot


The advantages to virtualization are vast, including reduction of capital expenses, elasticity, agility, high-availability, and ease of migration. There are a lot of options in the Cloud hosting space and understanding your company’s preferred “flavor” of the Cloud has become as critical as the platform you use.

The flavors of the Cloud range from a customer-managed to a fully vendor-managed service. By partnering with third parties and managed hosting providers, companies are able to tailor their Cloud environment to complement their internal architecture and personnel capabilities.

In this session we will dive into the flavors of the Cloud, identifying the challenges that customer-managed and vendor-managed services create and the solutions to help mitigate these challenges. Lastly, we’ll breakdown the attributes of the full “flavor” spectrum – allowing attendees to identify their virtualization “sweet spot.”

Topics Covered:

  • How to create your own set of Cloud requirements
  • Looking at the type of Cloud Providers that exist
  • A closer look at customer-managed and vendor-managed solutions
  • Basic steps to move to the Cloud that best fits your requirements