Webinar Follow Up: How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture!

Last week, HOSTING COO Joel Daly presented a free webinar about How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture! We received more questions than Joel could address in the given time, and he wanted to take a moment to share his answers on the few that were missed. Thank you to all who attended; we hope you enjoyed a glimpse into life at HOSTING!

Participant: How do you influence your employees to behave and believe in your values?

Joel: There are a couple of ways to do this. If you need to refresh your values, have the employees help define them. To achieve this, you can use the Netflix exercise we employed; we asked employees what skills or behaviors they valued in their peers and colleagues.

If you just need to reinforce your values, then you need to think about following the steps of building a service culture and always reference back to your core values:

  • Teach It – incorporate a values review as part of your program
  • Define It – document real life examples where your values shine
  • Live It – make sure your decisions on any changes adhere to your values
  • Measure It – include employee satisfaction along with customer satisfaction
  • Reward It – Implement a peer reward system that rewards employees that live to the values.

How You Can Create a WOW Service CultureParticipant: Do you have specific criteria that you can share for the six steps in handling a complaint?

Joel: Absolutely. The six steps are as follows:

  1. Acknowledge the complaint
  2. Sincerely apologize
  3. Take action to make things right
    • Figure out what the customer wants
    • Give the customer what they want. Do it accurately, enthusiastically, politely and with a sense of urgency.
      • Go the extra mile
  4. Thank the customer
  5. Escalate if needed or requested
  6. Document the complaint

Participant: What has been your biggest challenge in terms of implementing this cultural change?

Joel: Change is not easy in any organization, and most organizations usually have three types of employees as part of their population:

  • Change Leaders (5%): these employees want to help in implementing change
  • Change Followers (90%): these employees want direction
  • Change Blockers (5%): they are not going to change.

As a leader, many of us focus on trying to convince the change blockers – when we should be should be focused on the change leaders and followers. That was the biggest lesson we learned and had to overcome in implementing cultural change.

Participant: What are some tips for involving your employees in changing an existing company culture, or creating a new one from scratch (particularly if you’re a start-up)?

Joel: I recommend you follow the HOSTING Kool-Aid Recipe:

  • Two shots of Vision and Values
  • Equal parts tactical and strategic processes: As in the webinar, I’ll reference Zingerman’s Zingtrain and the process of journey mapping
  • Shake rigorously with investments in people
  • Serve outside-in (as opposed to inside-out)

To learn more about HOSTING’s service culture, and how we developed it, please watch Joel’s on-demand webinar. Subscribe to our BrightTALK channel for updates on upcoming webinars, which include everything from Cloud 101 to Virtual Desktops.


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