Webinar: Guard Your Business When Disaster Strikes


In the wake of a series of devastating natural disasters, business owners see that protecting data and avoiding application downtime has never been more critical. Historically, recovery solutions have required companies to own multiple datacenters, employ technical support and maintenance staff, and spend up to 50% of total IT budget to guarantee an always on infrastructure. Companies lacking these resources find that when disaster is imminent, it’s already too late to initiate a disaster recovery plan. Fortunately for today’s CTO, the times have changed, bringing disaster recovery as a service (DraaS) within reach for midsized enterprises.

Topics Covered:

  • DRaaS overview, including HOSTING Cloud Replication and VMware’s Site Recovery Manager
  • An inside look into Cloud Replication’s newest features including automated fail over and fail back functionality
  • Best practices on how to move DR to the cloud and simplify DR environment management