Sophisticated, Affordable Solutions Give a Document Management Start Up the Capacity to Succeed


Webiplex is a cloud-based document management provider focused on delivering the next generation of automated business process management and document management platform services. Its market-leading DocuPeak server technology allows customers to realize rapid return on investment for every user, including increased efficiencies, reduced resource allotment and streamlined workflows.


Before Webiplex was launched, it needed to answer one big question: how to economically build a delivery platform and deploy as a start-up. To begin with, the company needed an affordable virtual server. In addition, it needed an expansion path for more sophisticated solutions to come. Requirements also included a high level of service that included monitoring, upgrades, 24 x 7 x 365 support from a qualified team, and other capabilities that proved hard to find in the market.


HOSTING provides both the technological elements and high level of service that Webiplex needs to meet its growth objectives. From virtual private servers and dedicated servers to a private cloud – Webiplex leans on its dedicated service manager to meet current requirements and anticipate future ones. The service manager acts as a trusted partner, looking for ways to optimize the Webiplex environment, including monitoring, mitigation of denial of service attacks (DDoS) and other downtime causes, redundancy, disk space usage and more.


Webiplex requires not just a solution that can grow and change as its business model grows and changes, but also a partner to guide and serve its teams. Working with HOSTING – and relying on its superior level of customer support – has enabled Webiplex IT teams to spend their time fine-tuning the firms’ products and differentiators, leaving delivery platform management to HOSTING. The two companies have built a true partnership, based on mutual respect and trust, enabling Webiplex to establish a dominant market share through the provision of innovative – and reliable – cloud-based services.

 “Webiplex has partnered with HOSTING from day one – their advanced technology, incredible customer service and attention to detail have been key to our success.” 

– Rob Rennie, Founder & CEO, Webiplex


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