What is Cloud Storage?

When most people think about the question “what is cloud storage?” products like Dropbox and iCloud come to mind. These services are great for personal file hosting, but what is cloud storage for business? Enterprise-grade storage solutions need to be built with business continuity in mind. And, when companies are considering the cloud as part of their IT infrastructure they need to properly plan for the right storage solution. (Good thing I work at HOSTING where expert solution architects have mastered this concept)

The need for data storage continues to escalate as companies try to manage an explosion of data. This is happening for many reasons, but namely an influx of new technologies and applications are creating a data-rich society. Also, government and industry regulations are requiring much larger amounts of data to be stored than ever before – for data integrity, compliance, and to protect against costly outages. what is cloud storage

Whether a company’s needs require dedicated servers, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or disaster recovery solutions, a proper storage system must be in place. Companies should consider the following:

  • Does their cloud hosting service provider offer the storage capacity they need?
  • Can their hosting provider answer the question “what is cloud storage” with viable services and solutions?
  • Does the company have the expertise to handle this on their own, or do they need support from their cloud hosting provider?
  • Can they grow with their current hosting provider as storage requirements evolve?

Today, I have just scratched the surface on what cloud storage is. Keep an eye out for future posts on the topic, including storage solutions that deliver 100% availability and benefits: Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN).

If you would like to build a proof of concept, or require additional information, please request a quote or contact me at jschwartz at hosting dot com. I’m happy to connect you with a member of our expert cloud hosting team.


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