What is the Cloud?

I find that most people can answer the question “what is the cloud?” by referring to their iCloud account or explaining that their data is accessible on many devices. With this, in basic terms, they’ve mastered the concept.

I started at HOSTING two months ago and have been digging into the complex world of cloud – only to find that cloud hosting really isn’t that complicated. What I know is: Companies can’t afford down time. Business critical applications require an infrastructure that is highly available. And compliance is a concern for many mid-sized enterprises looking to move or expand into the cloud.

So, what is the cloud?

First, I need to introduce you to virtualization – the wizard behind the curtain that makes cloud computing possible. By definition, virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than physical) version of something. In the cloud, companies can virtualize servers and computing resources to access the data they need, wherever they need it.

Now let me clarify the types of cloud – and no, I’m not talking about the cumulus or nimbostratus clouds above us. There are three types of cloud hosting solutions:

Public cloud is just as it sounds – shared. Companies with changing resource requirements in their applications, or limited resources and budget compared to dedicated solutions, can greatly benefit from a public cloud solution. Private cloud enables a company to benefit from virtualization, without being in a shared environment. A hybrid cloud solution connects collocated and/or dedicated environments to the cloud – perfect for those with widely dynamic storage or compute requirements – often referred to as cloud “bursting”.

what is the cloud?

So, what do you do when you’re ready to get your company’s data in the cloud? You need to work with the right cloud service provider. On one side of the spectrum you have self-service options like Amazon Web Services. On the other side you have fully-managed cloud service providers like IBM. I just so happen to work for HOSTING – filling the gap in the middle, specifically designed for mid-sized enterprises, between these two options.

At HOSTING, our vision in the cloud is clear. HOSTING provides the best customer experience for mid-sized enterprises running critical business applications in the cloud, supported by the industry’s best team.

I am proud to be part of this team, and we would love to help guide you to the right solution in the cloud. Please request a quote or contact me at jschwartz at hosting dot com so I can hear your story and get you connected with a cloud expert.


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