White Paper: Leveraging Unified Clouds

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The cloud market continues to mature, with providers introducing sophisticated tools for companies to develop robust environments. At the same time, many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers are reexamining their current strategies. Some providers plan to launch entirely new cloud IaaS platforms, make substantial changes to their current platforms, or offer “unified cloud” solutions by providing managed services on leading cloud IaaS platforms. With so much change occurring, how do companies take advantage of the new cloud landscape while avoiding potential pitfalls?

HOSTING set the bar in introducing a complete unified cloud solution on the AWS, Azure and OpenStack platforms; providing customers with unprecedented flexibility to develop, run and manage custom applications in the cloud without the burden of vendor lock-in. Download our complimentary white paper, Leveraging Unified Cloud Solutions for Business Transformation, to gain a clear perspective on the current and future state of unified cloud solutions including:

  • Why analyst firms such as Gartner Inc. recommend that organizations adopt a “caveat emptor” approach when adopting unified cloud solutions
  • The rewards and risks of unified cloud solutions
  • Ways in which to evaluate the offerings of different unified cloud providers
  • The future of unified clouds

The unified cloud model continues to gain acceptance, with more cloud providers and services providers putting it into their product road maps. However, as Structure Research points out “At the end of the day, massive-scale (unified) clouds are an infrastructure platform. It is a platform with a great toolset that fits nicely with certain workloads and infrastructure scenarios. But a platform is not the same thing as a service provider.”

The HOSTING Unified Cloud™ stands apart from other IaaS providers by combining the flexibility and scalability of massive-scale cloud platforms with industry-leading managed services. The result is ONE Partner | ONE View – complete cloud management, support and visibility into the following:

  • Health and wellness of applications
  • Security and compliance postures
  • Billing and spend management

Wondering if a unified cloud solution can help streamline and accelerate your business? Our white paper can help answer some of our questions. And our cloud experts are always available to discuss your specific needs. Contact us anytime to start the conversation.








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