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  • 6 Steps to Follow When Your DBA Exits Your Company

    It could happen at any moment. Your database administrator (DBA) — possibly the only person who knows what’s going on in your database environment — leaves the company.  Given the risk to your business, it is prudent to have a plan in place ahead of time to deal with the unexpected loss of a DBA. Download the […]

  • Assessing SQL Server

    Microsoft SQL Server has proved to be an excellent relational database engine — at the ready for the most demanding business critical applications within the largest of enterprises. However, a question remains: Is Microsoft SQL Server effectively helping organizations achieve their goals, or is it failing to solve the challenges that it was created to solve? Download the white paper from Ntirety, a HOSTING company, […]

  • Elevate Customer Satisfaction and Transform Business with Azure Cloud Services

    Whether leading an early stage startup or a global corporation, executives all agree: the only thing constant is change. As their customers embrace new technologies that allow them to communicate, collaborate and purchase products via any device they choose, speed to innovation is critical. New business models and growth opportunities emerge every day – often […]

  • Safeguarding PCI Data In The Cloud

    This paper reviews the top concerns about cloud security, discusses PCI compliance mandates, and highlights what you should look for in a solution that effectively safeguards your customer’s PCI data whether it is stored within your organization or stored in the cloud. Download the white paper now.

  • 2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report

    2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report

    Alert Logic Report Highlights Cloud Adoption Remains Strong: Businesses continue to move to the cloud and attackers are taking note. Attackers are not abandoning their on-premises targets; they are simply applying more pressure to businesses with applications in the cloud. Industry and Customers Drive Your Threat Profile: The analysis shows a distinct difference between businesses […]

  • HIPAA Compliance: What Every CEO Needs To Know

    Three major trends are converging to create both risks and opportunities for healthcare organizations. The first is well known to healthcare administrators: healthcare is going digital, and the change is going to be disruptive. The other two trends involve digital Information Technology (IT) itself, and are therefore less likely to be well understood by administrators. […]

  • Managing Third Party Clouds

    Managing Third Party Clouds (2015 UPDATE)

    Is this market for real and where are we headed? The rise of massive-scale cloud infrastructure is perhaps the biggest challenge the hosting and managed services sector has ever seen. By exploiting economies of scale and driving innovation, the likes of Amazon, and now Microsoft and Google, have been able to build infrastructure platforms that are […]

  • Top Six HIPAA Compliant Hosting Answers You Need To Know

    Top Six HIPAA Compliant Hosting Answers You Need To Know To help healthcare organizations confidently shift to the cloud, compliant cloud expert and HOSTING Chief Information Security Officer Johan Hybinette recently answered the top six HIPAA compliant hosting questions healthcare organizations need to understand before moving to the cloud.

  • Scaling Database Applications In The Cloud For Peak Price And Performance

    Software developers and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, who have long benefited from the substantial economies of scale available in the cloud, now have a wealth of options for configuring public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Indeed, the permutations and combinations of the many options available can make it difficult to configure a cloud for peak price […]

  • Avoiding the Breach: What You Need to Know about Online Security

    Avoiding the Breach: What You Need to Know about Online Security

    Avoiding the Breach: What You Need to Know about Online Security Major security breaches routinely become national and even international news stories, but these are just the tip of a growing iceberg that represents many more such incidents now occurring on a smaller scale every day—many in small and medium-sized businesses. To avoid becoming a […]

  • As Clouds Roll In, Expectations for Performance and Availability Billow

    As Clouds Roll In, Expectations for Performance and Availability Billow

    This article discusses the impact of the cloud-fueled world of application proliferation coupled with a data explosion that is creating demand for critical database administration and data management skills. This article first appeared in Database Trends and Applications’ Big Data Sourcebook: Second Edition, published by Unisphere Media, a division of Information Today, Inc. available for download […]