• Hostway|HOSTING Green Data Centers – Designed with the Cloud – and the Earth – in Mind

    The exponential demand in cloud hosting solutions has led to a significant increase in power consumption at data centers worldwide. As a pioneer in cloud hosting, we are an active participant in the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to establish an Energy Star efficiency rating system for data centers. Because we own and operate all six of our data centers, we continuously upgrade them with the latest energy efficient features including:

    Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Layout – Our facilities contain separate cold supply air and hot return air, which dramatically limits interaction between air masses. This feature allows us to support increasingly higher power and cooling densities. It is a key design factor in operating an efficient data center.

    Cold Aisle Containment – Hostway|HOSTING has implemented a cold aisle containment method within specific locations that further increases efficiency by closing off the normally unobstructed ends of cold aisles with transparent “air curtains.” These curtains prevent the mass bleed off of cold supply air before it can absorb equipment generated heat and channel it back to our cooling infrastructure.

    Blanking Panels – Unoccupied equipment slots in a cabinet results in “short cycling” in which cold supply air is allowed to migrate to the back of the cabinet without absorbing heat from the equipment in its path. Short cycling results in lost cooling efficiency and can cause equipment to overheat, especially in dense installations. Hostway|HOSTING encourages and provides for the use of blanking panels that effectively close off these open slots and direct cooling air through the equipment, where it can absorb and remove heat as intended.

    Low to Zero Loss UPS Technology – Zero loss uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units operate with high efficiency, otherwise known as “unity,” and generate far less heat than traditional UPS systems.

    Solar Gain-evading Roof Surfaces – Solar gain-evading surfaces provide an insulation barrier on our data center roof systems. These surfaces are highly reflective, minimizing heat absorption during hot summer months and reduce the amount of energy required for general space cooling.

    Variable Frequency Drives – Variable frequency drives in our mechanical plants allow motors to spin at variable revolutions based on system load and demand. Varying the RPM of such motors based on demand lowers energy consumption.

    Air Side and Water Side Economizers – Many of the Hostway|HOSTING data centers are equipped with systems that allow us to cool the data center by simply using outside air when conditions are temperate and dry enough. This allows us to shut down room air conditioners and reduce energy loads dramatically.

    Demand Based Cooling – Where applicable, Hostway|HOSTING has implemented a reactive supply air delivery system that monitors the environment using an array of sensors that, in turn, spin up or spin down micro fans imbedded in our raised floor. This minimizes waste by supplying more air where it’s needed and less where it’s not.

    Demand Reduction Programs – Hostway|HOSTING actively participates in load reduction programs offered by local utility providers. These programs help the utility manage power grid loading during peak utilization periods – when we are called upon in certain markets, we come off the power grid entirely and run fully self contained.

    Contact us to learn more about our environmental practices and to schedule a tour of our industry-leading green data centers.

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