• Cloud Experts – On Staff, On Call and On Point.

    The cloud pros at Hostway|HOSTING are among the most seasoned in the industry. Even better? They stay with us. And that means they stay with you.

    Every customer has access to technical experts that hold certifications in compliance, OS and applications directly related to the hosting environments they service. In addition, every expert is trained in WOW training – our proprietary service delivery architecture.

    As an organization, Hostway|HOSTING maintains the highest level of regulatory compliance available in the industry.

    To continually hone our skills, we also conduct frequent Operational Alignment sessions with our customers to develop ITIL-based best practices between Hostway|HOSTING, the customer and key partners.

    • 75 – The percentage of ITIL-certified engineers on staff
    • 3.8 years – The average tenure of an individual on our support team
    • Top 50 – The ranking Hostway|HOSTING received in the best mid-sized company to work for in the U.S. (via Glassdoor)
    • 4 to 1 – The customer to tech support personnel ratio we strive to keep
    • 1 – The number of contact points you’ll have for all your solution needs

    As a customer of Hostway|HOSTING, you can rest assured that you will get expert technical answers at each and every touch point. Rather than wasting your time talking to newbies, or explaining the issue over and over again during countless transfers, you’ll have the convenience of having one point of contact that can attend to all of your needs. You’ll also have anytime access to a technical team with deep knowledge of your organization’s unique requirements and needs.

    Simply put: our experts aren’t learning on your dime. Why would you go with a cloud hosting provider that offered anything less?

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