• Innovative Solutions; Unmatched Customer Experience

    Our mission is simple – to provide the best customer service for mid-sized enterprises running business-critical applications in the cloud, supported by the industry’s best team. We strive to be an indispensable and trusted guide to our customers. And we view every day as a new opportunity to better serve them.

    We know that the most important opinion is that of our customers. Therefore, HOSTING benchmarks the quality of service against the best companies on earth through the use of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS measures the likelihood that our clients would recommend us to others. Our transactional score has consistently been 60 or above, which consistently outpaces our competitors. To boot, every HOSTING employee is incentivized on our collective NPS score – not on upsell.

    Other ways we measure satisfaction?

    • Annual Key Customer Census Survey – a tool to measure impact across 24 key customer touch points. From that data, we correlate which drivers are key to our customers’ satisfaction and leverage those to build our strategic initiatives.
    • Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM) – Recognized as a leader in the use of CXJM, HOSTING leverages this methodology to understand the customer experience from the customer’s point of view. Our executives continue to present on the effectiveness of this methodology at conferences such as IQPC’s Call Center Week and Oracle Open World.

    These initiatives work in concert with each other to help HOSTING maintain a culture in which the customer is always paramount.

    Ready to learn more about it? Contact us to discuss how our focus on customer satisfaction can help your organization recognize increased ROI from its cloud computing endeavors.

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