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    Transforming technology into insights

    Hybrid and cloud environments have rapidly evolved from a nascent technology to an essential role in an organization’s overall business strategy. Yet companies often find themselves in a race to keep pace with the speed and complexity of these environments. Without the necessary resources and expert guidance, they often wonder if they are gaining all of the benefits from their investments – or settling for “just enough.”

    There is a better way.

    Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services alleviates the burden of managing complex IT environments while optimizing their performance. Through an exacting combination of People, Process and Technology, Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services provides organizations with the visibility, support and insights they need to develop and implement forward-thinking initiatives.

    Our teams of experts work in collaboration with named engagement managers – all of whom possess a deep understanding of their clients’ unique environments. They continuously monitor the environments to ensure they are in lockstep with their business and growth initiatives. Through detailed dashboards and regular account reviews, the Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services team works with clients to identify opportunities and remove potential obstacles – serving as a true partner in their success.

    Following is an overview of the benefits that Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services provides.

    Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services Gold Package

    • All the features included in the Enhanced Services Bronze and Silver Packages plus custom service and resource portfolios

    Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services Silver Package
    • Dedicated technical architect to proactively document and update environment resources
    • Recurring service and architecture reviews that facilitate capacity planning and resource optimization
    • Proactive issue management including root cause analysis and remediation planning
    • All the features included in the Enhanced Services Bronze Package

    Hostway|HOSTING Enhanced Services Bronze Package
    • Dedicated engagement manager serving as a single point of contact
    • Customized business intelligence reporting to meet specific business and operational needs
    • Recurring service reviews to translate raw data into actionable business insights

    Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits


    1. Continuous monitoring of technical, business and support requirements
    2. Customized business intelligence reports
    3. Real-time tracking and monitoring of compliance activities


    1. Streamlined management
    2. Expert guidance and recommendations regarding service enhancements and performance optimization
    3. Immediate escalation of customer issues, questions or concerns
    4. Information security and compliance experts to ensure proper execution, tracking and monitoring of compliance activities

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