• WOWing Our Customers Every Step of the Way.

    Customer service isn’t just something we deliver through a phone call or email–it’s a broader business philosophy on how we interact with everyone we encounter.

    Being a trusted business partner, rather than just another cloud solution vendor, challenges us to listen, learn and grow. So when Hostway|HOSTING set out to create a customer-focused service culture, we didn’t do it in a conference room surrounded by white boards. Our executives hit the road and visited companies known for their world-class service. We leveraged their insights to create our own service culture based on our core values and Golden Rule. We implemented it throughout our company via our proprietary WOW Training™ methodology and continue to enhance it every day.

    Our employees participate in WOW Training to learn not just how to understand and anticipate the needs of our customers but also how to exceed their expectations. Our staff is empowered to “wow” our customers by being forward-thinking, proactive and innovative in the provision of industry-leading solutions combined with extraordinary service. We are relentless in our pursuit of facilitating the best possible customer experience and fostering an ongoing dialogue with them to learn how we can improve. In fact, the training has been such a success that many of our customers request we deliver it at their organizations – a service we’re happy to offer!

    From our inception, Hostway|HOSTING decided that it was going to be different. Not only is creating the best possible cloud computing experience in our DNA, it contributes to our leading customer satisfaction scores as well as the kudos we receive from our customers, partners and companies such as Glassdoor, which recently named Hostway|HOSTING one of the best places to work.

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