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    Uptime, All of the Time.

    Global organizations rely on HOSTING to deliver the most secure and available cloud hosting environment in the market today.

    We have between 99.999 and 100% facility uptime, backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). And for organizations whose applications require stringent accessibility and uptime, HOSTING offers Critical Availability Service™ (CAS). CAS provides certified reference architectures and advanced testing protocols to guarantee a highly available application. HOSTING backs this offer with a critical SLA that guarantees unprecedented uptimes and reimbursements. Should an organization experience a downtime of more than 60 minutes inside a month, we provide a two-month service-level credit.

    CAS provides a highly available architecture designed from the data center floor up to guarantee business-critical applications are available at all times.

    Expert Provisioning, Onboarding and Support

    All CAS customers have the support of an ITIL-certified cloud solution professional who serves as single point of contact through the entire onboarding, provisioning and certification experience. Seasoned Tier 2 and Tier 3 support specialists who are fluent in your business and cloud environments provide round-the-clock live support.

    Want to learn more? Read about our High Availability and Disaster Recovery services or Contact Us for a discussion about your organization’s needs and wants.



    Key Components Include:

    • Firewalls – Offer staunch protection against attacks
    • Load Balancing – Evenly distributes traffic across a set of physical or virtual servers to improve response time, increase efficiency, and quickly scale as needed.
    • Backup and Data Restoration – Highly-redundant storage architectures deliver rapid recovery, and the flexibility to back up data from any location.
    • Advanced Monitoring – Proactive advanced network monitoring and DDoS attack mitigation provided through Arbor Networks’ world-renown DDoS mitigation technology.
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