Zenoss realized cost savings and performance gains as a result of migrating from a lights-out, unescorted colocation facility to one of HOSTING’s state-of-the-art monitored colocation data centers. HOSTING provides Zenoss with secure facilities, expert engineers, and the ability to connect to Cloud Enterprise for future growth.

Key Terms

Colocation — High Availability — Smart Hands
Disaster Recovery – Secure Data Center

“I order a server, they ship it, it goes to the HOSTING data center where they rack and stack it, load the OS and have it ready for use while I never set foot in the data center.” 

Zenoss IT Director
John Hamilton

“We’re poised for growth at Zenoss and our relationship with HOSTING will directly contribute to our growth efforts. Migrating is never easy. But we made the right choice to ensure technology facilitates our growth.” 

Zenoss CEO
Bill Karpovich

Upgrading to an Always On Data Center

Background—Not All Colocation Facilities are Created Equal

Zenoss monitoring solutions assure IT service delivery to applications, business services and real-time physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures. Zenoss enables organizations to seamlessly manage and monitor physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure with unprecedented power, agility and value. Leveraging a commercial open source model, Zenoss products monitor over one million network and server devices daily and are used in over 25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world.

Zenoss decided early on that their strength was in monitoring solutions development – not data center management. Deciding to co-locate rather than build their own data center, they initially chose a “lights-out” facility that provided what they needed at the time: space, power and bandwidth. As Zenoss rapidly grew so did the needs of their technology team, directed by John Hamilton, and also the demands of their growing client-base. Zenoss was serving the Enterprise space and thus needed Enterprise-class facilities to meet rigorous internal growth plans and external security demands.


Zenoss approached HOSTING because their business was growing rapidly and they did not believe their existing provider could help them scale – through offered support and services or the ability to connect to cloud-based services for future bursting, business continuity, or test/development needs that were on the horizon. Zenoss was looking more strategically at their data center needs and determined they needed to find a business partner – not just a provider of power, space and bandwidth.

Solution—Smart Hands On Deck

Zenoss made the switch to HOSTING’s Newark Delaware data center in December 2009.

The initial Zenoss migration consisted of 18 servers, SAN, and an Avaya PBX. The migration from the old colocation facility to the HOSTING data center in Delaware was completed over 2 days, minimizing the overall impact to Zenoss’s business operations. IT Director John Hamilton noted that,

“Move-in was painless, as [HOSTING engineers] had prepared everything for our arrival. The assistance of the extra hands also helped to make the transition smooth. We worked past 10PM the first evening and were back again by 7 the next morning. Everything we needed, including network and power cables, was at our fingertips. We were able to move as quickly as humanly possible.”

One of the main reasons Hamilton chose HOSTING was due to the Smart Hands services and skilled technicians HOSTING employs. Hamilton notes “they speak my language – they knew what to do – with no translation. And they actually pick up the phone in less than 3 rings.” Service is an important part of every HOSTING solution but Zenoss also needed a technologically secure and robust solution.

Zenoss moved both mission-critical and back-office application on multiple racks to the HOSTING Newark facility, which is SAS 70 Type II and PCI certified to meet the security demands of their Enterprise clients. This data center is one of HOSTING’s three cloud super sites, permitting Zenoss easy connection to a cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery/business continuity, bursting, or test/dev needs in the future.

Hamilton noted that changing infrastructure partners required a huge amount of trust, “I needed a business partner I could trust with an always-on facility. The solution provided by HOSTING allows us to focus on our business and grow – we now have always-on facilities with always available technical resources.”


98% of the IT infrastructure (40 servers, 1 SAN, 1 NAS, 3 Network switches, 3 firewalls, 1 router, 2 remote KVM, and 1 Avaya PBX ) for Zenoss will be located at HOSTING by the end of November 2010, leaving only a few ancillary servers inside the Zenoss office space.  HOSTING’s proven reliability has made it possible for Zenoss to entrust their entire infrastructure to HOSTING.

Hamilton has taken full advantage of HOSTING’s Smart Hands service:

“Twice now we’ve ordered new equipment and had that equipment installed and configured by the support staff at HOSTING, never having to arrive at the facility. We’ve also opened several support tickets where we needed a specific device power cycled as it was unreachable remotely. Each time this occurred the power cycle was completed within 15 minutes of the phone call–AMAZING response time! We’ve also had the support team replace faulty hardware, and work with us to identify bad drives and find serial numbers on servers. A+ for the support team!”

Moving to HOSTING has nearly eliminated 2-3 monthly trips to the data center to ensure things are working properly. It was 5 months after the migration when Hamilton first made a trip to the facility. Says Hamilton, “Response time for support requests is fantastic – closed within 3 hours. Those guys [HOSTING tech support] are an intelligent skilled resource on the phone. They know what to do and you don’t have to translate for them.”

Zenoss’s growth is astounding and there is no end to that growth in site. Enabling that growth is trusted partner HOSTING, who supplies Zenoss with ample bandwidth, power and options to connect to secure, instantly available cloud services. Zenoss CEO Bill Karpovich concluded, “We’re poised for growth at Zenoss and our relationship with HOSTING will directly contribute to our growth efforts. Migrating is never easy. But we made the right choice to ensure technology facilitates our growth.”

HOSTING Colocation Resources

HOSTING data centers offer completely customizable configurations to meet your server needs. In addition, you can add managed services to make backups, monitoring, and other critical activities quick and efficient.

Scan our Three Steps to Colocation page and download the Colocation Best Practices Guide to learn how HOSTING helps you transition your infrastructure to one of our 5 data centers across the country. HOSTING’s geographically dispersed data centers are equipped with advanced hosting features, 24/7 access and security to provide and maintain an optimal colocation environment. Our state-of-the-art data centers offer a fully redundant facility in which to house your hardware, powered by an N+1 redundant system that includes Uninterruptable Power Supplies, battery backups and diesel generators. Our network connectivity features multiple Tier 1 Gigabit Ethernet connections connected using a redundant routing architecture that features hardware failover. HOSTING is a SAS 70 Type II certified host, which means that controls like building access/security, data center access/security, data storage, customer information security and change procedures of hardware/software are in place to ensure user organizations are protected.